Grotesquely retrospective

May 2016

A plea to keep open-sourcing all your work

Perhaps it’s an inevitable and unfortunate function of progress: looking back on past work or words with something of intense self-consciousness and humiliation at one’s naïvety or infantile thoughts.

Upon seeing older work of mine, my default reaction is an egotistical yearning to remove anything that might not be as polished as I would like today. I would guess that we’re all frauds in a similar way to some degree in actuality, and that’s fine. But it’s this very candid transparency in open-source and honest writing from which I and myriad others have learnt so much and owe everything to.

Please keep open-sourcing your work whenever you can. Whatever state or degree of polish. Each and every project that somebody can study and learn from is unprecedentedly valuable. Especially for the folks that aren’t lucky enough to have access to traditional STEM education.